The Country Ranch Club

 dansen van The Country Ranch club 2016.


It Reminds Me Of You.  Daisy Dern Friends Don't Let Friends Drink. Sam Outlaw.
Good At Leaving. Ashley Monroe Places.  Mark Wills.
Staying in Love. Pinchitos Caliente. Blue Night cha  (herhaald goud van oud)
How To Drink The Wine. Amber Digby Send Me A letter Amanda. Hallur& bellamy brothers.
Down On The Border. The Stringbenders. You're On My Mind (again).  Joanie Brooks
Southern Lady. The Viking Truckers Give My Love To Rose.  Hallur Joensen
Three Beers To Mexico. Shane warner. Como Yo. Sparx
You're On My Mind (again).  Joanie Brooks Get Down The fiddle. Robert Mizzell.
First time Kiss.  Roland Konings band It Takes All Kinds.  George Strait
Love her for A While. Sam Outlaw Bring on the good times. Lisa mcHugh.
Just For A Day.  Cloverdayle ft. Ben Rue Pretty flower girl.  Jan keizer en Annie schilder.
Strip Girls.  Shane Owens. It Takes All Kind. George Strait.
Moving Rodeo.  Blue Rodeo. One Night. George Strait.
She's Kind.  Pat James. Halleluja Heart. carlene carter
Center Of My World. Chris Young. An Old Friend. The Grascals.
Bring on the good times. Lisa McHugh Rosa Del Mar.  Gabe Garcia.
Coastline. Gene Watson. Dimelo Tu  Sparx
Winning Streak. Asley Monroe. Will Ye Danca. Shauna Mc Sravick
Memories to Burn. Gene Watson Happy Happy Happy. Dean Brody.
Sorry You Asked. Heidi haugh. Left in the Dark.Sam Outlaw
Cajun Moon.Ricky Skaggs.  
Your gonna miss me. Dean Brothers.  
Goud van Oud Side by Side en No More You.  
2 lane highway. Vince Gill  
Some Girls Will. Mike Denver.  
Rosa Del Mar.  Gabe Garcia.  
But I Do (herhaald)  
The Love Of A woman.Chuck Mead  
Stay Outta My Dreams. Kenny Vaughan.  
Dimelo Tu  Sparx  
All Heaven Allows. The Mavericks,  
All Over Me. Gary P. Nunn  
Built To Last. Billy Ray Cyrus  
You're The Reason. Sean McAloon ^Lisa Stanley  
Let It Be Me. Alan Jackson.  
Some Days You Gotta Dance. Keith Urban  
While I was making love to you/Niamh Lynn